Lhalala is from H2MEDI, a premium medical derma corporation in South Korea,
committed to developing the best treatment for sensitive skin.

Why we recommend LHALALA?

LHALA Peel & Fill’s exclusive solution is a procedure with no downtime, helping exfoliate and regenerate skin safely at the same time. You can immediately get soft and firm skin with only 1 treatment, and put on make-up on the next day.

What benefits you will get from Lhala Peel & Fill?
Acne treatment
Acne marks treatment
Anti-wrinkles treatment
Elasticity treatment
Skin regeneration and exfoliation
Repairment of the skin barrier
Natural originated surfactant
Active bio-fermentation process

Use Lhalala once a week. After 2-5 treatments, you will get incredible results!

Highlights of Lhala Peel


Lipo hydroxy acids,or LHAs, are produced from salicylic acid and have the better effect. Because they penetrate the skin more slowly they are more fat soluble and gentler than BHA. As a result, they can be used to exfoliate and treat acne in those who have sensitive skin.


LHALALA is a double solution that combines alkali with LHA ingredients and has developed the 4th generation peeling that goes beyond the limit of existing peeling without pain, swelling, and exfoliation.


An amazing result of the acne treatment by Lhala Peel & Fill cosmetic set. We highly recommend it to professional dermatologists at clinics. Easy to use! Treat acne and acne marks safely and effectively.

Over 50 clinics offering lhala peel treatment in Australia

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